Best Word Counting Tool

Most of the time, when writing an assignment, essay, report or thesis, we need to check the total number of words and characters in it. This audit might be necessary because of a teacher’s requirement or sometimes due to delivering the written text in a limited time. Whatever the reason will be, but it is quite understandable that individual has to analyze the sum of characters and words in their write up.

Therefore, the WordCountJet.com establishes an online tool to facilitate people regardless of region, age, profession, cast or sect. Furthermore, we will not charge anything for using it. Anyone can use this online character counter tool without spending money.

One more exciting feature of this online word counter tool is very fantastic. Usually, when any free website offers any tool to ease life without any charges, they limit the count of usages. Means that if you availed that services free and reached the set limit, then either you cannot be able to take more advantage from it or they will ask for money. But Word Count Jet neither limits the number of attempts nor asks for any charges. Hence, you can use it as much as you want.

What is WordCountJet Tool?

WordCountJet.com is a unique tool that can help you in calculating the words, letters, and characters in the supplied piece of content. It saves time. You have not to keep your eyes, focus, mind, and finger over the screen. No worries about accuracy because all the functions have been checked before offering it to the general public.

Advantages of Counter Tool

Word counter tool facilitates in many ways. It purely depends upon the intention of the one who examines through it. You can calculate the words. Through this instrument, you can able to know how many characters are present in the whole article. The interesting fact is that you will also be aware of the number of white spaces appears between the entire content.

WordCountJet is Advantageous For

This is a fantastic question raised in mind that who need this tool. Mostly, students and people related to the education field require it yet we cannot definite it to any specific category. For example, the organization head uses it to alter his speech or presentation. Similarly, it is profitable for a teacher to complete a sample essay in limited words. Business coaches, institutes of education resource developments, publisher, and novelist are also examples of character counter users.

How It Works

This query concerns with two different perceptions. First one is related to the one who visited this website and wishes to use the online word counter tool, and he/she is curious regarding the method of operating it. The second concept of this question is related to developers and code writers.

For the first type of audience, the answer is straightforward. Either write whatever you desire in the large white text box or copy your desire written article and then paste it in this field. In both cases, you will get the accurate result in respective fields

For code lovers, the functionality of the WordCountJet app is made through the help of various languages, i.e., HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and JQUERY. Each of them handles their respective responsibilities. It is difficult to explain a few or all of them here.

Connect Us

Several times, when we view another website, we notice some issues in it or prefer to add more functions that will be beneficial to other folks. It is quite reasonable in human behavior that he/she wishes to ease the routine life. They require minimal gadgets with lots of characteristics.

On another side, the developer has his limitation while structuring an app. But sometimes, the creator unable to add the simple component in his plan due to his mind was exhausted. In such a situation, the viewer’s suggestion plays a helpful role. So, if you found any error in it or want to suggest a unique feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.